Download WTFNIX version 7.27 | X-Ray (VirtualBox OVA)


What is WTFNIX?
WTFNIX is an anonymizing appliance ( as a Virtual Box OVA )
All Traffic is isolated and routed via TOR/I2P
It's based on the latest Ubuntu 18.04.3 Server 64bit
I2P and TOR are very recent versions and built from source with some minor patches

Setting up WTFNIX
(1) Import WTFNIX.ova into Virtual Box
(2) Setup a NAT-network in "Host Network Manger" ( NO DHCP ! )
(3) Set both Network interfaces in WTFNIX to "cable connected"
(4) Startup WTFNIX Virtual Machine
(5) Connect another Virtual Machine to WTFNIX internal network and manually setup IPV4
Netmask 18
DNS Servers
(6) All Traffic Will be rerouted transparently through TOR and WTFNIX is ready for use.
(7) Install htpdate on any host machines if ntp is already present for security reasons, sudo apt-get purge ntp ; sudo apt-get install htpdate
(8) For further Services such as native TOR or native I2P, point applications to the list of available services.

Avaliable services
TOR Socks-Proxy ->
I2P Socks-Proxy ->
I2P HTTP-Proxy ->
I2P I2CP ->
I2P IRC ->
DNS ( via TOR ) ->
IPv4 Gateway (via TOR - only TCP ) ->

Network Interfaces
The "NatNetwork" is for outgoing access to the internet
VirtualBox NAT-Network "NatNetwork" to ( NO DHCP ! )
VirtualBox will be operating with as the internet gateway for WTFNIX
The Adapter 1 ( NAT-Network "NatNework" ) of the WTFNIX appliance will be operating on
The Adapter 2 ( Internal Network "Wtfnix" ) of the WTFNIX appliance will be operating on
The IP is the Gateway for all anonymized traffic
You can use any other VirtualBox Machine on the network Wtfnix with any IP above

TOR CIRCUIT BREAKER: TOR connections are killed every 12 Minutes to force new circuits
The root user has no password
Locales are English US
Keyboard is English US
Timezone is US Central

Suggested Uses
BiglyBT Download box I2P + Clear-net + TOR
The addition of I2P, allows BiglyBT to perform swarm discovery and DHT over I2P.
BiglyBT(Clear-net Link)

Retro-share node: I2P(Incoming) + Clear-net(Incoming) + TOR(Incoming)
RetroShare(Clear-net Link)

Hidden Monero Node: Torified
Monero(Clear-net Link)

WTFNIX is licensed under the WTFYWL -Whatever The Fuck You Want License-

Backend: -User5-